The North Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Play Therapy (NTC-TAPT) wants you to know about what is available to help support you in your important work with children. We are part of the Texas Association of Play Therapy and the Association of Play Therapy.

Membership dues is based on a calendaryear cycle from August to August. In other words, our members all renew at the same time each year, your membership year is not based on when an you joined.


The objectives of NTC-TAPT shall be:

  • To promote training opportunities, research and development of materials which further the practice of play therapy;
  • To encourage active communication among those involved in play therapy;
  • To establish contacts with various organizations for support; and
  • To promote sound play therapy practices in the interest of society and the individual.


The purpose of NTC-TAPT is to:

  • Unite and provide a common meeting ground for persons involved or interested in the therapeutic use of child’s play;
  • Enhance the health, safety and well-being of children;
  • Advance the discipline of play therapy; and
  • Inform and educate the general public and the mental health and educational community about the play therapy profession.

Misty Solt PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC

Past President NTC-TAPT
3550 Parkwood Blvd. Suite 401 Frisco , TX 75034 Phone: (972) 814-9406 Website: Website: Download vCard


Photo of Misty Solt PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC

Dr. Misty Solt is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor in the state of Texas. Dr. Solt is also a National Certified Counselor and a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor. Dr. Solt received her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Illinois University in 1998 and completed her Doctorate in Counseling with a specialty in Play Therapy at the University of North Texas in 2003. For over 13 years, Dr. Solt has worked as a counselor in the following areas: hospice, school crisis counseling, in-home counseling, agency counseling, private practice, and general crisis counseling. Dr. Solt was the Assistant Director of the Center for Play Therapy in Denton, Texas for three years and has been a Supervisor for the Intensive Play Therapy Supervision component of the Summer Institute for 9 years now. She has served as an Adjunct Professor in the Counseling Department at both Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas. In May of 2003, Dr. Solt opened the Child and Family Counseling Center in Frisco, Texas, which provides counseling services to children, adolescents, and families, as well as supervision to LPC-interns. Dr. Solt has served on Frisco Independent School District Hope Rising Team, which is a trauma response team to assist children and teens that have experienced a trauma or loss. Dr. Solt is also on the Board of Directors for Camp C.O.P.E., which is an intensive counseling experience offered to children of a deployed or injured parent serving in the War. Dr. Solt is currently on staff at Southern Methodist University in Plano, Texas where she serves as the Clinic Director of the Center for Family Counseling and is a Lecturer. Dr. Solt has authored various articles in the area of play therapy and is the author of My Special Playtime. Dr. Solt is a mother of three and resides in Frisco, Texas.



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  • Solt, M.D. (2007).  My Special Playtime! (in press)

Professional Licensure and Affilications:

  • ·        2001-current                                 LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor
  • ·        2003-current                                  LPC-S: Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • ·        2003-current                                  NCC-National Certified Counselor    
  • ·        1999-current                                  Association of Play Therapy
  • ·        2003-current                                  RPT-S: Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
  • ·        2000-current                                  Texas Association of Play Therapy
  • ·        2001-current                                  Rho Kappa Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota
  • ·        2000-current                                  American Counseling Association

Emerging Leaders

  • UNT: Audrey Malacara
  • SMU: Sarah Vaught

The Lone Star Award is given by the Texas Association for Play Therapy to local chapters exhibiting outstanding service to membership and to the promotion of play therapy and the credentialing of Registered Play Therapists. Several criteria need to be met in order to receive this award and our Chapter is proud to have received the Lone Star Award the last six years! We’re proud to announce that we’ve received the Lone Star Award again this year at the 2015 Texas Association for Play Therapy Conference in Austin!


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    The North Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Play Therapy (NTC-TAPT) wants you to know about what is available to help support you in your important work with children.