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Important Update!

Greetings TxAPT Chapter Members and TxAPT Members,


You are the heart of our organization and we want to keep you in the loop about some important restructuring and changes that will take place in the coming months. Throughout our history, TxAPT has had to adapt and make changes as necessary to continue to meet the mission of our organization. We are again at a time of change not only at the chapter level but also as a branch. These changes are being implemented under the guidance and direction of our parent organization, the Association for Play Therapy, who has been working with all 42 branches in the United States with the goal of bringing continuity. Moving forward, chapters will now be included as part of the dual APT and TxAPT membership with chapters separated by areas/regions, which will entail closing chapters (Phase 1) and reforming Chapters (Phase 2) that will function as a part of TxAPT instead of as separate entities.


The mission of APT, TxAPT, and Regional Chapters will remain the same, bringing support, creating networking opportunities, providing CE training, and promoting the field of play therapy. TxAPT is working with our chapter presidents to make this process as smooth as possible with the ultimate goal of reopening under APT guidelines.


I’m sure you have some questions and hopefully we can answer some of those below. 


  • So, what does this mean for TxAPT chapter members? For the months of January and February, chapters in good standing with the State of Texas will still hold their meetings/events. 

  • What about the chapter membership dues I just paid? Any newly paid membership dues will either be fully or partially refunded based on the current planned events and will vary from chapter-to-chapter. SPECIAL NOTE: Any fees paid to APT for membership to APT/TxAPT are currently separate from chapter membership dues. No fees related to APT/TxAPT membership are subject to any type of refund.

  • What will this restructuring/reorganization look like? TxAPT is planning two phases that involve closing down chapters (Phase 1) and reopening them under the new APT structure (Phase 2).

  • What does Phase 1 look like? This involves closing out all TxAPT chapters with the State of Texas. Chapters will also have to close out all social media accounts and relinquish their APT Approved Provider status.

  • What if I need to get a copy of a CE certificate from a training that occurred within the last 5 years? Each chapter has a Continuing Education Program Administrator (CEPA) who will be responsible for maintaining records for the last 5 years should a chapter member need to request a duplicate CE certificate.

  • What does Phase 2 look like? This phase involves the transition to regional chapters under the new structure per APT guidelines (more to come on that phrase later).

  • I’m a board member or individual who still wants to be involved. How can I do that? Great question!!! We want your involvement too! Part of Phase 2 involves committees and just like APT committees, TxAPT will have similar committees that will help contribute to the structure and mission of TxAPT (again, more to come on that later).


Please keep in mind that this is a process and will take some time, and TxAPT is working alongside our chapter presidents and APT to make this transition as smooth and time efficient as possible. TxAPT and APT feel confident we can get through these changes and come out even stronger in supporting play therapists!


-Lisa Remey

TxAPT Branch President

Father and Son Playing


"Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet."

~Virginia Axline

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