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emBODY play series

Dear Play Therapist bodies,

We hold so much. We hold other people’s stories and pain and sometimes we struggle to release them. We also have our own stories. It’s like a storage unit in there sometimes. To declutter and release what isn’t serving our bodies is a form of freedom. Tricia Hersey, author of Rest is the Resistance, says, “How can we access pleasure & joy & liberation if we are too tired to experience it?” Our emBODY series is for us. Our vitality!

May our bodies access pleasure and joy and liberation in daily and ordinary doses.

Love, North Texas Chapter of TxAPT

If you want to suggest any emBODY play options for our community, please do! We will post them here and you are welcome to post on social media with #emBODYplayseries and tag us!

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